Chinachem Volunteers Deliver Love Via Rice Dumplings

Dragon Boat Festival this year was filled with fond memories for 65 under-privileged families when they were visited by the Chinachem Volunteer Team.

Collaborating with Sam Shui Po Residents Association, Kowloon Federation of Associations and Shamching Youth Association, 34 Chinachem volunteers paid visit to 65 financially disadvantaged families, families of new immigrants and single-living elderly in the Sham Shui Po district on 21st May, 2016.  1500 rice dumplings, a festive food of the Dragon Boat Festival, was passed out to members of these families in a "fukubukuro" or "lucky bag" as it is more commonly known in Hong Kong.

"Chinachem Group has supported this very meaningful activities for four consecutive year", said Ms. Kung Yan Sum, Executive Director – Administration. “The fukubukuro, or lucky bag as we usually refer to, conveys messages of fortune and blessings from the Group to members of these under-privileged families.  I am very proud of the dedication of our Volunteer Team and am glad to see that they have made this year Festival not only a meaningful day for the families, but also for themselves."

Chinachem Volunteer Team was established in 2012 and has enrolled over 200 members since its inception.